Masculine persuasiveness

The effect of your message is largely determined by how you convey it. One of the most relevant factors in this is your face.

What does your face say?

Business leaders are becoming increasingly aware that it is not just about what you say, but also how you say it. That is why business coaches focus so much on communicative skills and personal styling. As a result everyone invests in the hairdresser, the orthodontist, Italian shoes and a tailor-made suit, but forget that the only thing you wear really every day (and all day) is your face. Your face is much more important than all those other things combined when it comes to how people respond to you professionally.

Reliable, decisive and persuasive

When we view other people, we don't look at details, but at what they radiate. Is someone positive and approachable? Do they have an open face that invites talking to them? Or does he radiate decisiveness and competence? Or do you see anger, negativity and tiredness in their face, so that you unconsciously decide that you should better come back tomorrow. Your brain concludes automatically whether someone inspires confidence, is successful or has his life in balance. Behavioral science research has undeniably shown that your facial features make a significant contribution to whether you appear decisive, resolute or convincing when making a first impression. This has a huge effect on whether others intuitively decide they are going to trust you, listen to you, believe you or work with you.

Scientifically based

With the help of a face scan based on a behavioral science algorithm, I can analyze your appearance and show you how others perceive you, both on a social as well as on a professional level. I can show you which adjustments can be made to optimize your appearance. Often this optimization can already be achieved with relatively small procedures.

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