The concept of Natural Faces

I don’t believe in perfect, but I do believe in optimal.

What is beauty?

In our society, beauty ideals are largely determined by the fashion, film and advertising industries. They all try to show us the perfect picture, cashing in on the human desire to achieve success. The models that enter our living rooms via TV and the Internet are extremely skinny, have perfect eyebrows with V-shaped jaw lines and emotionless foreheads. If we are not careful we will all believe that this is normal.


But not everyone has such perfect facial structures that they can earn a living with it. In the real world, almost nobody looks like this. That is why it is not only unwise, but also impossible to hold everyone to the same unrealistic standards.




There really is a limit

If you go beyond the limit of what is normal, your subconscious mind immediately detects this. While talking to someone who has an unnatural face, people are distracted from the conversation by the thought that something is not right and can no longer attentively listen to what they are saying.

For example, on the left, Rachel Welch is 20 years old and radiates natural beauty.
Although she is 70 years old in the right picture and arguably looks great, her face no longer matches her age and now has an unnatural appearance. She has higher eyebrows, fuller cheeks and less wrinkles when she smiles than she did 50 years ago.




Your first impression is crucial

What you radiate has a huge impact. Behavioral psychological research shows that people who look dominant are often expected to be a good leader and, without much thought are even voted for so they win elections. People who look capable are more likely to get a job and are on average paid better than others, while people who look reliable are more likely to get a loan from the bank or receive lower punishments for comparable crimes when convicted in court.

Even if it’s “only a first impression”, everyone automatically also draws conclusions from that about your character. Someone who looks trustworthy is also trustworthy until proven otherwise. In our digital world, first impressions are even more important. Intuitive decisions are made based on profile photos and your first impression can make the difference between getting a job or being rejected for one through Linkedin, or even finding that ideal life partner through a dating app (or not). And after that first impression is made it settles in our brains, where it takes a long time before we adjust our opinion of someone.


Natural boundaries

I am aware of the value of a person's appearance and the natural boundaries of a face. By not taking the unrealistic beauty ideals but rather your natural appearance as a guideline, I look at your face differently. This leads to procedures that remain within the natural limits and suit your age. Everyone understands that it is normal to have some folds from a certain age upwards.

Of course the aim is to look as good as possible for your age, but I do this while respecting who you essentially are.



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