Who is Dr. van der Meulen?

Hi, I am Jacques van der Meulen
I am an experienced aesthetic plastic surgeon
I am also an evolving creative mind
But I just don’t believe in duck faces or cat eyes

My trademark

I specialise in facial optimisation

I know that an optimal natural appearance facilitates human contact and interaction

So I aim for a result where you look great, but not essentially different

So authentic results of facelifts, eyelid corrections or a rhinoplasty

I look at your face different than most, respecting natural boundaries

Recognising the value of your first impression and taking your own appearance as the base line for my treatments

My aim is to restore the balance and bring out the sparkle again

How I work

I listen and observe

Analyze your appearance, what you radiate – considering things like openness, approachability, reliability, freshness, persuasive power, decisiveness, balance

And show how I can improve that for you

I work with a great team. In the clinic where quality is always top of the list

Evolving to further minimising downtime, impact and risks

And towards procedures that will relieve you of a worry

I deal with feedback in a professional way

And strive for the best result - within the limits of reality


What I do and do not believe in

I believe in the effect of appearance on communication and human interaction

I believe in the positive difference that operations can make, not only physically but especially also emotionally

I don't believe in one size fits all; every individual deserves a unique treatment

And I don't believe in perfection

I believe in age-adequate optimization, I want to make you look great for your age


Look here for my results and my references