Why come to Natural Faces?

It can sometimes be difficult to find the right surgeon. Many people struggle to find quality you can trust due to the large amount of clinics and self-proclaimed "specialists" in the field of cosmetics. In that case it is nice to be able to hold onto something you can trust.

Who is allowed to do what in the Netherlands?

The BIG Act states that any doctor who considers himself "competent and qualified" may perform the resulting treatments. So if you do a liposuction course over a long weekend, you would already meet these requirements. To distinguish the actually capable and skilled surgeons from the rest, it is therefore best to focus on a number of quality features:

1.  Make sure to verify whether you are really dealing with a plastic surgeon. This information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Health. Click here to check your doctor's BIG registration. My BIG registration number is 59044421601.

2. Every registered plastic surgeon will be a member of the Dutch Association for Plastic Surgery.

3. A plastic surgeon who takes aesthetic surgery serious will also be a member of the Dutch Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

4. Look into further qualifications, such as the European exam (EBOPRAS) and membership in the prestigious European Association of Plastic Surgery  (EURAPS) or the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

5. Check the references. Nothing is more informative than the feedback from people that have already been treated by your plastic surgeon. Commonly used platforms for this purpose are zorgkaart.nl and kliniekervaringen.nl

What exactly is a plastic surgeon?

After successfully completing medical school, one becomes a basic doctor. After this you need to further specialize as to become a GP, an eye specialist or a plastic surgeon. The latter specialization is quite difficult to get into and takes a long time. Once you are accepted into plastic surgery training, you’ll first have to do 2 years general surgery after which you have to do another 4 years of plastic surgery, so a total of 6 years. Plastic surgery is the only specialization in which aesthetic surgery is a permanent part of the training. Plastic surgeons are scrutinized by peers every 5 years and must continue to meet strict quality and training requirements.

Can anyone simply call himself a plastic surgeon?

No, that is not allowed. Only doctors who have completed the 6 years of plastic surgery training are allowed to carry this title. The way many non-plastic surgeons get around this is to say that they "do plastic surgery". It may be just a detail, but it is an important distinction; "doing" plastic surgery is not the same as being a plastic surgeon.

Why come to Natural Faces?

I have specialized in the face since the beginning of my career. My experience of the last 20 years and the evolution of my concepts all come together in Natural Faces. The more experienced I am, the more I am aware of the whole picture. I’d like to think I would take good care of your face.

These are the standards of Natural Faces:

  • I take time to listen to your concerns and wishes,
  • I will conduct a behavioral scientific analysis that will show how others perceive you,
  • Based on that I will give you an honest advice and an individual treatment plan, so that it is clear beforehand what is and what is not possible or sensible and you get a realistic idea about the expected end-result,
  • My operations are designed to minimize the scars and the risks. This approach also gives the shortest possible recovery, whereby our personal pain relief plan ensures that this recovery never has to be uncomfortable,
  • I strive for a result that optimally suits you, making sure that our appearance no longer distracts, but actually confirms how you feel, while preserving your own identity.

I try to make the entire process at least disruptive as possible, so that you can return to your daily activities as soon as possible. I hope afterwards you will be able to say: "Looking back I don't understand why I was even worried. I should have done it much earlier!"


Does this appeal to you?

If you want to know more about this and in particular want more information about what this could imply for you, please contact me to make an appointment.

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