What is my work routine?

Here at Natural Faces we aim to optimize your face and appearance, the goal being that you can present yourself the best way possible, with natural flair and confidence. The following four steps are taken to work towards that.

Step 1: Fill in our contact form

Via that form you can tell me what bothers you, what procedure you might be interested in or what you would like to achieve. You can find our contact form at the bottom of this page. I will reply and let you know whether I can help and if I can, we can make an appointment to discuss the opportunities and options there are. It’s also possible to immediately ask for advice about what’s bothering you on the page ‘online advice’. If you send me a few photos, I will try let you know soon about what I can do to achieve your wishes.

Step 2: The first consultation in the Velthuis clinic

I work in the Velthuis clinic in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. An appointment will be made for you at the location and time which suits you best. During this first consultation we will discuss your wishes and your expectations together. I will explain what I can and cannot do for you, what options are available and which treatment fits best in my opinion. You’ll receive honest advice on what to expect, the expected downtime and recovery time, including the risks and how to react to them. After that the consultant of the Velthuis clinic will take you through all practicalities surrounding the operation.

Step 3: The operation

Safe, professional and with the utmost attention.

We are aware that having surgery can be a frightening experience. My colleagues and me will therefore do everything we can to make this experience as comfortable as possible for you and to make the entire process go smoothly. Our work is done in accordance with the strictest safety standards and we pay attention to the smallest details. The whole process is organized in such a way that the burden to you is kept as low as possible, so you can undergo your treatment without minimal concerns. You are in good hands.

Step 4: Care following the operation

Also after the surgery, we keep taking care.

Recovery after treatments may vary somewhat, or may take little longer then you expect. In either case, it is good to know we’ll always be there for you. Next to the regular check-ups, the Velthuis clinic is available 24/7 for any questions you are concerned or additional care if needed. Finally, I work closely with several hospital like the Ikazia hospital in Rotterdam or the Antonius hospital in Nieuwengein, where we will always take care of you in case of an emergency.


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