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‘Everyone keeps asking me whether I’m angry, tired or grumpy.’

Plastic surgeons often think in terms of operations: there is a surgical solution for every problem. But most people don't come to me requesting a specific procedure. They come to me because they are bothered by their appearance and how they come across. They tell me: "I want to look less tired," "I look so much older all of a sudden," or "Everyone keeps asking whether I’m angry or annoyed, but I’m not all. And that is really starting to annoy me!’

Most people try every day to present themselves in the best way possible. They do this by taking regular trips to the hairdresser and the dentist, by trying to eat healthy and do regular  sports and by wearing the colours that suit them best. But once you realize how important it is what you radiate to others, you might also become aware that it is also possible to, for example, appear more open and less tired, calmer and more reliable, or even more persuasive and capable. There is ample proof that these aspects of the natural energy you radiate are extremely important in your interaction with others. They will have an effect on everyone you meet, on each and every day.

That is why I would love to hear exactly what you would like to achieve when you come to see me. You will never get a “one size fits all facelift" from me. It is about the whole picture. If you want to know more about how people are perceived by others, then please click here.

Examples of reasons why people come to me:

Motives I often hear are:

  • Less tired
  • Less angry or grumpy
  • Less old
  • Less somber
  • Fresher, more open and brighter

But what many people don't realize is that it is also possible to aim for a different impression such as:

  • More convincing
  • More decisive
  • More reliable
  • More successful
  • Or even come across as smarter!

Age-appropriate optimization

Many people are (and look like) 60 years old but feel they are still 40 inside. In that case, it is a fundamental misconception to try to look like 40. A much more realistic goal is to aim to look good for your age. Following the philosophy of Kintsugi, of optimizing with respect for what made you who you are today. The positive consequences of this are undeniable, every day, and with every encounter you have.

Such an optimization requires an completely personal approach. If you want to know more about this, you can make an appointment with me using the form below.

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