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On this page you can see what effects the treatments that I carry out have. A few examples of each treatment are shown. If you click on a preview, the photo will be visible.

Upper eyelid corrections

A tired appearance is often the first to be seen around the eyes. An upper eyelid correction can work wonders.

The Enbloc neck facelift

This operation is all about the whole. To get the total picture. Everything has to work together. Only in this way can you bring your appearance back into line with how you feel within natural boundaries.


A good nose correction brings peace to the face. With the preservation rhinoplasty technique you keep the bridge of the nose as intact as possible. As a result, you not only have a much faster healing, but you also manage to achieve very natural results.

Chin (and neck) correction

The chin and neck form a unity and determine the definition in the lower half of the profile. Restoring the balance in this area usually has a hugely positive impact on the rest of the face.

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